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Gritty Glitter

I first of all want to thank those of you who reached out to me after you’d read my last blog post Despair. Some of you had such kind words and shared your own struggles with me. It is great to know that none of us are truly alone even though we may feel it. … Continue reading Gritty Glitter


To anyone who thinks depression isn’t a real condition and it is just a made up thing I’m here to tell them “Fuck you”. I dare you to come to my home now and challenge me on it, because I will destroy you. I am, right now, having a particularly bad moment and the only … Continue reading Despair

Transformation Tuesday? How about transform your damn life!

Transformation Tuesday is a very popular hashtag that people use all over social media, surprisingly on a Tuesday.   I googled what the term meant just to be sure I knew it’s definition for sure. Google told me: Transformation Tuesday is a popular trend and hashtag (#TransformationTuesday) that people use on Instagram and other social … Continue reading Transformation Tuesday? How about transform your damn life!

Just a Catch Up.

A whole month has passed already since my last blog post, and what a busy month I have had. Things aren’t looking like they’re going to slow down anytime soon either. In fact I’m only going to be busier! I’ll tell you about my future plans when they happen, but for now let me tell … Continue reading Just a Catch Up.

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