Lots To Write

Just a quick note to say I’m busy working on part two of ‘The Reconciliation of the Shri’ for Wattpad. If you haven’t had chance to read it yet, then check it out by clicking here.

I’m having such a great time writing at the moment. Not only am I working on the story for Wattpad, but also for the main book. Its great that I can flip between two stories depending on my mood. Although both stories are part of the same world, they occur at different times. I do wonder how I manage to have an entire world and its history stored in my head. Sometimes I wish I could plug my head into a printer and let it come out. Be a lot quicker than writing it.

I cannot wait to get the first book finished to share with you all, however I have a little way to go yet before it is finished. For the mean time you can enjoy ‘The Reconciliation of the Shri’ for free at wattpad.

Please comment, leave feedback, ans share with your friends. Thanks20140318-124709.jpg


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