A Little Help- Maggie Allen

I first started writing my book a couple of years ago. I had no previous writing experience, just wanted to get it out of my head down onto paper and worry about the editing part later. Now when I read over old material I can not believe how much I have developed! I’m almost embarrassed to read it myself! This is all thanks to a wonderful woman named Maggie Allen.

I first met Maggie through my old job as a hairstylist. She was a guest at the salon I worked in, and one day I overheard her tell her stylist she was a ghost writer. I immediately wanted to go over and ask lots of questions, but I waited until the end of her service. I went over and explained to her I was working on writing a book, and did she have any tips for me. Instead she invited me around to her house to go through what I had already written. Ever since then Maggie has been tutoring me.

That was little under a year ago. Since then Maggie has taught me some great things, not only about writing, but about ways of publishing, marketing etc.

I love Maggie’s style of writing. It is so easy to read. After our first meeting I decided I wanted to read her first book. It is titled ‘You Complete Me’.  It is a story of Maggie’s life growing up in the Lake District with her abusive father, and the challenges she faced in adulthood. Its an incredible story that you just do not want to put down. It is still available to buy on Amazon and you can see more reviews or purchase the book by clicking here. It really is a good read!

Most recently, she has written a book for a women called Pamela Roche. This true story is about how the American system failed to help a women who was wrongly separated from her children, and they were turned against her. It is titled ‘Broken Lives, Broken Minds’ and is also available on Amazon. You can view it by clicking here.

Maggie is an extremely busy woman. Always taking on new projects. Currently she is working on four books for different people. I’m always thankful she has the time to go through my story and give me tips. Whats even better, she helps me for free! She doesn’t charge me for her time. She says, ‘If somebody is talented at something they should share it to help out others and not expect anything in return’. Also, she likes my story very much and is very encouraging. I always feel very inspired after meeting with her.

Please check out some of Maggie’s work on Amazon by clicking the images below.







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