Hydryth Encyclopedia

To make writing my book easier I have decide to creat an encyclopaedia of my fantasy world. I know everything about the world I have created, it’s people, places, items and everything that happens in the entire timeline. However, sometimes when I am writing a particular scene I forget little bits and have to go back over other material to make sure it all links together nicely. Doing this takes a very long time to keep going back and checking, which is why I have decided I need somewhere else to store all this information besides my head.

I have decided to make an encyclopaedia of Hydryth. A book full of information about the lands and it’s goings on. This way I can just use it as a point of reference.

Having said that, this will not be an easy task. I have so much to write down it will take an age just to get all this information out, but I feel it is important I do this. I am very excited about doing it too! It will be nice to have all this information somewhere else besides in my mind. I am hoping it will make me focus easier when I am writing each chapter.



2 thoughts on “Hydryth Encyclopedia

  1. That’s actually a really good idea! Is that something you’re planning to post online for others to reference when they read your books, or will it just be for your eyes?

    1. I think at first I may just use it for my eyes only, but eventually when the book is finished I will post parts if the encyclopedia too

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