Inspirational Me Time

Sometimes I struggle to find inspiration, not only when I am writing but in everyday things. I like to wake up with the positive attitude and be thankful for everything I have before  I even get out of bed. I find if I start my day with a positive attitude my day only gets better. I am more creative and great things happen that day.

However, there are those times for whatever reason I cannot get myself motivated. Music usually does he trick and puts me in a far better mood, but for the ties when that doesn’t work I take some time out away from everything and do something I call ‘Inspirational Me Time’.  Basically Its time where I really focus on what my goals are, and all the great things I currently have that I should be grateful for. To do my Inspirational me time I need a few things

* Music – Usually just piano music. Something that is beautiful and easy to listen to and has no lyrics.

*My Dream Board – A dream board is a place where you have pictures of all the things you want out of life and what you are aiming for. I don’t really like to call it a dream board because ‘dream’ implies that its only a dream and not reality, so I call it my Goal Board.

* My Pinterest ‘Goal’ Board – My pinterest is open for all to see, although I do have a secret board just for me on there. It has images of all my goals, very similar to my dream board.

*Thankful Book – I have a book with a list of all the things I am thankful for written in it. Everytime I am grateful for something I write down what is is I am thankful for and why.

*A Drink – Something I really enjoy to make the event event more pleasurable.

 *And finally, a blank piece of paper.

Once I have all these items together I sit alone with only the sound of the music and read through all the things I am thankful for. I look at all the images on my Pinterest and Goal Board so I can visualize what I am working toward and to remind me not to give up. Usually I read through inspirational quotes that help me focus.

On the blank piece of paper I begin to rewrite a list of my goals again. I feel writing the list again makes me remember them easier, and at the bottom i write ‘You Can Do It’.

This can take up to an hour for me just to sit and really focus on what I want, and afterward I find I am in such a great mood, I cannot wait to start working towards my goals again.



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