Bad Writing

For a little research I had a little look at some self published books on amazon.

Some were good and some were terrible. One in particular made me realise that I’m probably better at writing than some people out there. I won’t give the title of the book, but it was pretty bad. The story wasn’t very strong, and the writing was nothing short of atrocious. Clearly it had not been edited correctly. It seemed this author had literally written out her story in one go, no editing, spell checking etc. It was quite difficult to read because of the bad grammar. Now I am certainly so expert at spelling and punctuation and even I found it bad.

It made me wonder. Do people really just write something and upload it? Perhaps on blog posts people don’t edit them as much, but if you were uploading a book which you want people to pay for surely you should get it seen my a proof reader, get some help with the cover design and find ways to make it the best it could be.

My writing needs lots of help. I’m lucky to have an one friend who is an author, and another who is a proof reader to go over my writing with me. I don’t think I would dare upload any work I hadn’t had checked over by other people first.

After reading the terrible self published books I felt so much better about my own work. It got me thinking ‘If they can do it, then so can I!’.

I plan on having it proof read and deities professionally, and even though I can draw and design myself, I think I would get somebody
to help with the cover design too. I just need to finish writing the damn thing



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