Sorry it has been a little while since I last posted anything on here. I have been extremely busy getting on with writing my book ‘Hydryth’, as well as enjoying some of the great sunny weather we have been getting here.

My story constantly surprises me as I write it. New ideas appear in front of me on the paper I work on which even I didn’t even see coming. And yes, I mean paper, not a computer. I tend do do most of my writing by hand. It is only when I feel it is planned well enough on paper that I then write it on my computer.

My home is full of little notes, scraps of paper with scribbles on, notepads full of ideas and piles of A4 paper with rough drafts written all over them in my shockingly scribbled handwriting. Sometimes it takes me a while to understand what I have written. It is my own fault. When I have an unexpected creative moment and ideas come flooding into my head I have to get them out as quick as possible. So I rush, and the result is untidy handwriting which takes an expert decipher to read.

I’m unsure why, but when I have a one in my hand ideas come so easily, whereas when I am sat at a computer not so much happens. I use the computer to copy out the basic draft and then edit. I think this might be to do with the fact that I do not like my laptop. It’s a few years old and is beginning to give up of life. It runs so slow, that last year when I started my own YouTube channel I had to stop making videos for it as it took forever for my laptop to edit and upload them. I also use my iPad when I am out and about to work on, but it is not the same as sitting at a computer.

I would love to get myself an iMac desktop. I absolutely love the design of them, and it whenever I use them at friends houses I get jealous and want one! I would love to work on one of those full time. I could even start uploading videos to YouTube again! But until then I will continue to fill my flat with piles of paper full of information. I honestly feel like Gandalf when he is surrounded by paper searching for information about the ‘one’ ring.




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