Fancy Notepads

I was doing a spot of shopping recently and saw something not many people would get excited about. I found a notebook. I don’t mean a mini laptop, I mean an actual paper notebook. Nothing amazing about that right? Unless you are a writer but even then you may not find notepads a thing to excited over.

Well I love a good notebook, I love the covers of some and there is a brand which I absolutely love to buy, but I never like to use them because they are too pretty to spoil. They’re a brand called ‘Paperblanks. They come in all different designs and sizes. You can view their website at

Another reason I don’t like to write in them is because they aren’t cheap. I’d hate to spend a lot of money on a notebook only to fill it with scribbles and untidy work. I can go and buy a 50p notebook to do things like that in. Paperblanks are far too stylish to be used as a scribble book, so I tend to buy them and then not do anything with them until I’m positive I know what I want to write in it. I’d hate to waste them.

Anyway I saw a cover I hadn’t seen on these books before. The name of this line is ‘Nocturnelle’. Its beautiful! The book was £30, and I know some of you will think that is a lot for just a notebook, but I loved it! However, I didn’t buy it because I don’t currently need a new note pad, but that doesn’t mean I wont be purchasing one in the future.


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