Halloween is Coming

Every year I host a Halloween party, and this year is no different. I usually keep my plans quite close to my chest so my guests don’t really is what to expect. This year however I’m having so much fun planning I thought I’d share it with you guys!

I have decided this year to dress up as Maleficent from sleeping beauty. I did debate doing this costume last year but thought I’d wait as I knew the film staring Angelina Jolie was to be realised this year.

I’m going to do a bit of a mix of the original cartoon Disney Maleficent and the Angelina version. In the cartoon she has a green skin and no hair, but in the real life film she has long hair and pale skin. I have decided to go with green skin and long dark hair.

It is impossible to dress as Maleficent and not have horns. I did look at buying some but they were either very expensive, or not very good quality, and didn’t look right. Because of this I decided to make my own, and I managed to do it really cheap and make some amazing horns. I’d happily make me for other people if they asked.

Anyway, the pictures below are not exactly what I’ll look like. I was just practicing with the makeup, so on Halloween itself I won’t have a tash/beard.




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