I’m Back!

So for those of you that have been wondering where I have been, I have been away working on myself. Figuring out what I want from life and how I intend to get it. I believe you can have anything you want in this life as long as you get out there and go for it!

My book ‘Hydryth’ (which I have now decided to call ‘The Legends of Hydryth’. Thoughts on the title would be appreciated) is still very much happening. I just needed some time (quite a lot of time it would seem) to sort myself out. Having said that, I didn’t spend all my time away focusing on me. I did lots of reading, research and planning for my book. I feel that I am now on the road back to my former positive self and cannot wait to get stuck back into writing.

I am very lucky to have lots of support from so many people, and they have helped me get back on track, so a big thank you to all who continue to love and support me.

Another reason you my notice that my ‘Author Page’ is up and running again, is that the layout and design have completely changed. I intend to keep things up to date on this page. I will be uploading blog posts every Monday. I am even looking into getting a YouTube channel started as that seems to be they way the world is going these days. Nobody wants to read anymore, it seems to be all about videos. I joke obviously. People do still love to read and enjoy it, however, I find most internet users become lazy and would rather watch a video than read content. When I do start posting videos (or vlogging as it’s called) you guys will be the first to know. I do not intend vlogging to take over my blogging, but we shall see what happens.

My short story ‘The Reconciliation of the Shri’ which is available free to read on Wattpad will soon have its next chapter (finally!). I must admit I stopped working on it to concentrate more on my actual book, but I do feel I owe it to my short story and to those of you that have already read the first chapter to finish it. I am hoping new chapters will be added every Thursday, and you can check it out by clicking on the ‘Wattpad’ icon on the right. Please follow me on Wattpad too! It will encourage me to write more, and write quicker if I know there are people out there who actually enjoy the story.

One final thing. Thank you to all my followers who have stuck by me in my time away. I promise to load regular content from this day forward! Also, if you want to catch up with me daily then check out my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You are most likely to catch my attention on Twitter and I love to interact with people.

See you all next Monday!


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