A little while ago I decided I was going to make a kind of dictionary which would contain an explanation of everything I had created in the world of Hydryth. However, like everything else it got put aside and I didnt think about it again, that was until recently. I was in a book shop, not really looking for anything in particular, when something caught my eye. It was a book by David Day titled ‘Tolkien  – A Dictionary.

I should imagine many of you Tolkien fans out there would’ve heard of this book, and if you haven’t you need it in your life! It is quite literally what the title says. A dictionary of all things created in the Tolkien universe, and it is a beautiful book! The cover alone made me want to buy it, and I think you will agree from the photo below.


The book contains not only in depth explanation of all things Middle Earth and the Undying Lands, but has some amazing artwork too.  I immediately purchased it as it was only £10, a bargain in my eyes.

After only reading a few pages it made me really want to continue with my own dictionary for Hydryth. So, on that evening I poured myself a large glass of red wine, put on a ‘Legend of Zelda’ soundtrack, dug out all of the notes and writing I had previously done for the dictionary, and settled for the night surrounded by paper and prepared to work.

It wasn’t long until I realised I had set my self a huge task, so I decided to keep it simple to start. I included, people/characters, locations such as towns, cities, villages and landmarks, and different races of creatures.

Obviously this is something I will not reveal to anyone else yet. It is purely for my eyes only as it contains ‘spoilers’ for my books and I don’t want to to ruin it for anyone. You may think what is the point if nobody else but myself is going to see it. Surely I have all the information in my head, so why would I need to create a book which is just going to tell me the things I already know. Well, even though I have it all stored in my head, it is actually quite nice to get everything down on paper, and have it some some kind of order. At the moment most if my work is random scribbling in notebooks and pieces of paper, there is no order to it. I thought it would be nice to have it all cataloged just for reference if I need it, rather than trying to find that one piece of paper I wrote something important on and have no idea whereabouts it is. Does that make sense?

So currently anything in the dictionary is just for me. Having said that, I do think I will occasionally upload information about Hydryth which doesn’t contain spoilers. It will be nice to introduce you to aspects of my world now and then. So do not worry people, I will try and keep you in the loop.

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