Creative Costume King

It’s been a little over month since my last post, but that is because I’ve been busy getting back into writing the book as well as doing some writing exercises. I’ve even taken one of these exercises and created a whole new page on my website. It’s called Creative Corner and it is a page dedicated to short stories I have written with inspiration taken from a book called Creative Writing by Eva Glettner. I thought it would be a nice way of experimenting writing with different genres. Please head over to my Creative Corner to check it out. I have my first short story inspired by one of the pages in the book available for you all to read now. It’s titled Mary Flies. Please have a read if you have some spare time and feel free to give me feedback.

Another big reason why I haven’t written a blog post sooner is because I had been planning a costume for a party I went to recently. One of my friends held a masquerade birthday ball where guests were encouraged to wear gowns, suits and venetian style dress. When I received the invite I immediately knew what I wanted to wear. I wanted to be Jareth, the Goblin King from the masquerade ball dream sequence scene in the movie, Labyrinth. I’d imagine almost everybody knows exactly who I am talking about so I won’t waste time explaining who he is. If you don’t know, he is a character from a Jim Henson film played by the late great David Bowie. Google it.

Labyrinth of Jareth 86.jpg
Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) and Jareth (David Bowie) in the Labyrinth masquerade ball scene. Click here to view the scene from the movie.


I thought that look would go down well because it is from a masquerade ball and everybody knows who he is. Who doesn’t love a bit of Bowie!

I got straight to work, searching through images of the ball room scene to look at every detail of the costume. Hair, makeup, props. Everything. I even took into account that Bowie’s eyes are slightly different so I found my self a dark contact lens that was my own prescription, and it was harder find than you think!  I found a wig on eBay I could use, which I also cut some more myself when it arrived and added the blue tips. Most of the items I needed were easy enough to find online or in shops except for the two most important items. Jareth’s tailcoat and mask.

David Bowie.jpgAs you can see from the images here of Bowie the tailcoat is blue and full of jewels. I searched for a long time online to find a jacket like it, or similar. The only ones I found were on etsy  for around £250+ and were from abroad which meant postage would be expensive too. The other item I found was a steampunk style blue tailcoat on eBay and other sites for around £70-£100. It wasn’t quite right though. I would need to attach jewels on it myself and the image of the coat was only an illustration. It
wasn’t an actual photo of the item.

I decided to scrap that idea and make the coat myself. Now I don’t sew but I’m shit hot with a glue gun. I ended up going around nearly all the shops and charity shops in my town to find a suitable coat. I’d just about given up hope of finding one when I found one on a sale rack in my local Debenhams which was almost perfect! I say
almost because I would’ve lied the jacket to be longer like the one Jareth wears in the movie, but apart from that it was just what I’d been looking for. I just needed to buy a few things. Spray paint, sequins, jewels, some shiny fabric, and lots and lots of hot glue sticks.

The jacket I bought from Debenhams before I started working my magic on it.
Plain plastic gems before.
Plastics gems after I’d covered them in acrylic paint and different coloured glitter.
I bought these from a pound shop and removed the gems to attach to the jacket.

As for the mask, I couldn’t find one to buy online, or anything similar. So once again I had to buy some materials and make my own one. I ended up using an old halloween mask, cutting it to the right shape. Making horns from pipe cleaner, tin foil and masking tape. Glueing a small skeleton hand to the end of a stick. Add some liquid latex, acrylic paint and gold spray paint and voila! Mask done.

Jareth’s mask in the movie.



FullSizeRender 7.jpg
The cut up halloween mask I used for the base of the mask.
The horns and hand on the stick before being painted and attached to the mask.
The finished mask.

I make it sound like these two items were easy to make, but trust me they were both very time consuming. I have to say I was very proud of what I had created though. Once the whole look was put together I think I looked great and I received some great comments from other party guests.

I was very happy with the final look, except for that damn contour!












Click here to view more photos from the night on my Instagram.

I’m a little sad the party has come and gone now because I wish I could wear the jacket again. I did consider selling it but I’m in love with it too much and perhaps there will come a time when I need to transform into the Goblin King again. It has however inspired me to start making costume items for other people. So if you need a costume or item for a party you cant seem to find online, drop me a message. I’m sure I can work my magic and create something amazing for you.





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