Just a Catch Up.

A whole month has passed already since my last blog post, and what a busy month I have had. Things aren’t looking like they’re going to slow down anytime soon either. In fact I’m only going to be busier! I’ll tell you about my future plans when they happen, but for now let me tell you about my life over the last few weeks.

The biggest news to share with you all is my fitness update. I’m about 1lb away from losing a total of two stone. I am very proud of myself. My hard work and determination is paying off and I’m seeing great results. Friends and family have noticed how much weight I’ve lost, especially from my face, and it is so nice to feel good about myself again. I can fit in small clothes again. Clothes I haven’t been able to wear for over a year, if not longer, I can now fit in again.

I’ve had some people ask me what my secret is. There is no secret. Eat clean and exercise. This is knowledge everyone knows, but very few actually put it into practice and would rather find quick fix alternatives or try fad diets.  Why bother , guys? Waste of money and you get crap results.

My PT really is awesome. I know I mentioned him briefly in last month’s blog post so I don’t need to repeat myself too much, but he does an awesome thing for all of his clients and holds social events for us all. I went to my first one at the weekend. We went bowling and then had a meal at a new restaurant in Northampton. There were a few issues with the restaurant but apart from that it was a fun evening. I even won a game of bowling! And no I didn’t cheat by having  sides up.

The coaching group after bowling.
Proof that I won a game!


I haven’t hit my fitness goal yet so it is an ongoing journey but I’m really loving the whole process. I intend to discuss this more on a podcast episode, which brings me nicely onto something else I want to share with you.

I am now host of my own podcast show. It is called Gritty Glitter and my co-host is my oldest friend, Cassandra. I wanted to use the word gritty in the title because we’ll probably have quite gritty conversations with our honest opinions and won’t hold back. Cass wanted to use glitter because she lovely anything sparkly and glam. Thee is no real set topic for the podcast either. We will just be discussing anything from geeky stuff such as computer games and movies to more glam things such hair nights at the theatre, make up etc. 170x170bb

Having said all that we’re currently having some audio issues and I refuse to record anything else until it is resolved. I have no idea when this will be but I’m working on it. I want to get recording again asap. We have managed to get one podcast recorded and released, so please check it out on iTunes or but clicking here.

I recently just spent a week at my parents place whilst they were away on holiday. They have such a lovely house and it is in a nice quiet village. Perfect surroundings for me to get some writing done. However, I did very little writing this time as I was working on setting up the podcast.  I did manage to get some work done on my book though which is really my priority, but sometimes if I’m in the wrong mood then I find it very challenging to get words down on to paper.

You think I’d be finished the damn thing by now, but I keep finding myself going back over previous work and changing it. Sometimes I’ll write something and it just doesn’t feel right so I spend an hour or two trying to come up with the perfect sentence or find the right word. Really I should just move on and get more writing done, then come back to that sentence later to rework it. But for whatever reason I can’t move on until I am happy with it. So it continues to develop slowly, but at least progress is being made.

One last thing before I sign off. Halloween in coming! Now anyone that knows me is aware that Halloween is a huge deal for me and I have a busy few weeks ahead me. As soon as September is over it is Halloween season and I could be happier. I have plans, props and even my costume ready so it is just a matter of putting everything together over the next few weeks so I am ready for my party on the 28th.

My next blog post should be around the week before the party so I will be well into Halloween mode by then. Until then guys keep an eye out on my twitter for info about what I’m up to or even check out the Gritty Glitter twitter account by clicking here to see how we’re getting on with the audio trouble and see when episode 2 is finally released.





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