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I first of all want to thank those of you who reached out to me after you’d read my last blog post Despair. Some of you had such kind words and shared your own struggles with me. It is great to know that none of us are truly alone even though we may feel it.

I usually only write a blog post once a month, but I wanted to share something with you guys who read my blog. A couple of months ago I began a podcast with a very good friend of mine. It is called Gritty Glitter and you can find and subscribe to it on iTunes. I did mention it briefly in a blog post a few months back, but I wanted to bring it up again as it is something I have really enjoyed doing.

I love writing but find that not everybody likes to take the time to read and because of this I thought I’d start a podcast.  I should mention that it does contain explicit language, so for those that aren’t keen on swearing you may want to avoid. I won’t apologise for it though. I am an adult and I swear in conversation. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t say the odd swear word or two. It isn’t full of obscenities though, but just a warning that we do swear.

My co host is my oldest friend Cassandra and the content of our episodes is basically just the two of us talking about things we love and adventures we get up to. We’ll discus everything from geek to glam. So far we’ve discussed Halloween, Stephen King’s IT, A Sci-Fi Con, The Spice Girls, The Bat Out Of Hell Musical, and more.

We aim to have new episodes every Monday, however the last couple of weeks our schedules haven’t made it possible for us to get together to record. Gritty Glitter is still a baby and myself and Cass are still getting finding our feet with it. Never the less we enjoy making the content and putting it out there for you to listen to.

Having said that a new short episode was released today where we discuss the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. Click here to listen to it now.

We have a Gritty Glitter account on Twitter too, which we both manage, and we love to connect with people. So please feel free to comment and  interact with us. Follow our Gritty Glitter Twitter account by searching @Glitter_Pod or by clicking here.

It would be even more amazing if you subscribed to our podcast on iTunes.

Once again, thanks to those who enjoyed my previous blog post.

I’m aiming to upload one more blog post before the new year. Until then Merry Christmas, guys and if you want to keep in touch or see what I’m up to follow my personal Twitter account.



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