Neal is creative and passionate about all of his work. Whether it be making costumes for an event, writing, creating videos, hairstyling, or recording for his podcast, he will always put a hundred percent into all of his projects.

Neal trained as a hairstylist and has worked on peoples hair for over 15 years. From working in salons he was able to join an artist team for a worldwide hair company where he would tour the country and teach at education events and even do some stage work. He later became part of that companies media team and worked on magazine shoots. All of that whilst maintaining his full time position in a salon with a busy client base.

In 2017 Neal became a host of his own podcast, called Gritty Glitter, along with his co-host and childhood friend Cassandra. The show follows the pairs adventures and shares their opinions and thoughts on all subjects from geek to glam.

Neal’s main and favourite project is his book series. Since 2014 Neal has been working on writing his fantasy novel which will be part of a collection of stories currently titled The Legends of Hydrtyh. There have been many ups and down during the writing process and Neal has learn that writing is not as easy as he once thought. Never the less, whilst process may be slow, it is still a project Neal continues to work on and holds dear to his heart.  It is not just a book, but an entire world full of its own history and law. Neal feels he owes it to the story and himself to tell it right and not produce something mediocre. So be prepared for something fantastic, hopefully hitting bookstores near you soon. Maybe.

Keep up to date with Neal by following his social media accounts by clicking the links below.

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