Neal was born in 1986 in  Northampton, United Kingdom. Growing up  he was always very artistic, and knew that one day he would have a creative job. It was in these early days as a child he began to develop a make believe world full of magic, which at the time served its purpose for playing with friends and toys.  At the age of seventeen, the magic world long forgotten, he began a career in the hairdressing industry. A perfect job to let out his creativity. For over ten years he worked his way up to a high level in an extremely highly respected salon in Northampton town centre.

Over the next few years Neal had the idea that fantasy world he made up as a boy could make a great story, although never pursued it. In 2011, he shared his story with a friend, and it was from that point he realised he had to write it.  The following few months, he started to piece the story together until a basic outline was finished. Hydryth was the name finally given to this world.  Throughout 2012 he would write the story at any spare moment he had, although work and personal life commitments would get in the way and the novel took a back seat.

During 2013, Neal picked up his story again, and continued writing. His job as a busy hairstylist meant long hours, and often resulted in not achieving much when it came to his writing. In autumn of that year, he was lucky enough to have support from his partner, and packed up his scissors for the last time. He left his much loved job to concentrate solely on writing his novel.

Today, he spends his days writing his first novel, and short stories to accompany the ‘Hydryth’ series he one day hopes to release.

Neal has recently become a host of a podcast show called Gritty Glitter which you can find by clicking here.







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