Creative Corner

Welcome to my ‘Creative Corner’. I’ve decided to use this page as a place to do writing exercises and play with genres which I wouldn’t normally.DSCN3257

For Christmas 2016 I was given an amazing gift from my partner’s family which I see as a
great exercise tool. It is a book titled Creative Writing and it’s by Eva Glettner. This is a book which labels itself as  ‘A journal with art to kickstart your writing’, and as some of you will know, I struggled for a while with a huge case of writer’s block. I figured this book would be ideal as a tool to get me back into the habit of writing and a nice break from working on my first novel.

The book is full of art and to go along with each image is a little description or a start off point for you to create your own story from.  However in the book you only get a page to write and finish this story. So I thought rather than having to hand write a short story on to one page, why not write a short story on my computer and then share it with people.

So that is exactly what I have decided to do. I will take a story idea from the book, but rather than be limited to just a small page I’ll write as much as I like in notebooks, on my iPad, computer etc. and then share them online.

As I already have a Wattpad account, which has some parts of my Hydryth book series on, I figured it would be the perfect place to upload the different short stories I write from this creative writing book.

Click on a title of one of the stories below to take you to that page on my Wattpad account.

Thanks in advance for reading.

Mary Flies.

Click here to read the story.

Artwork by Geoff McFetridge