“Hydryth, a world rumoured to be created as Paradise. At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that this land is nothing short of perfect. From its beautiful clear waters, lush green forests and its grand high mountains; this bright place radiates light, love and happiness. But light creates shadows, and from within those shadows dark unspeakable evil lingers.”


On his page you will have the privilege of viewing short stories I am writing to accompany and welcome you to my ‘Hydryth’ book series.



The Legends of Hydryth- The Resonciliation of the Shri

Chapter One – Is This Him

Now available to read on Wattpad. Please click the link or the image above to take you to the page.


Fan Email List – For those of you that want to know more about ‘Hydryth’, get in touch with me by clicking here to view my contact details. Send me your email address with ‘Fan’ in the subject box, and I shall add you to my Fan email list. You will receive:

-Short stories before I post them online

-Hydryth art work

-Information about the first novel

-And much more in the future as the book progresses.

I very much value constructive feedback. As a ‘Fan’ I will read your feedback before any other.

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